Turnkey Systems

Complete Solutions In addition to standard products and custom sub-systems, MoTron also provides complete end-to-end turnkey systems for a variety of application needs. This page contains a partial list of projects we have done. Please call 1-800-338-9058 or email Customer Service to discuss your project.

Turnkey Systems

Railroad Signalling System confirms track switching operation has occurred by voice message over radio link.

Aerial Video 900MHz Spread-Spectrum wireless link controls pan/tilt of camera attached to aerial platform.

Remote Camera Control Radio link controls remote camera pan, tilt, focus, and remote transmitter over long distance.

Timber Theft Alarm Patented system uses hidden sensors to detect and report cutting of valuable trees.

Remote Water Pump Control Radio link used to remotely control water pump motor.

Remote Call Forwarding TC-1 version is used to implement ability to control Call Forwarding on (home or office) phone from remote telephone.

Radio Game Show Controller Up to 4 contestants on telephones race to respond to question by pressing their DTMF digit (1-4). First received DTMF tone locks out others, and activates corresponding output relay.

Building HVAC Energy Management Employee needing lights and heat after hours accesses interactive Voice/DTMF override system.

3-Sensor Driveway-Traffic Alert Two seismic sensors and a PIR (passive infrared) sensor confirm presence of traffic and its direction.(arriving/leaving) Voice alert message over radio link indicates traffic and direction.

Remote Generator Control Telephone and radio links used to remotely control electrical generator.

Automated FAX Opt-Out System Voice prompts for FAX number to remove, receives DTMF FAX number, prompts for confirmation, receives DTMF delete command. Transaction logged to serial port.

Tsunami & Tornado Emergency Warning Communications/control system simultaneously activates siren relays at one or multiple locations, provides voice message feedback to confirm alarm activation.