The RTS-200C is the ultimate in audio delay products.

The RTS-200C incorporates features everyone has been asking for. The RTS-200C can synchronize radio play-by-play audio with your TV video for live events, whether the audio delay is short or extremely long–up to 86 Seconds! And the RTS-200C can solve your lip-sync problems with extreme precision, using 1ms (1/1000th of a second) steps in Lip Sync mode from .000 to 3.000 seconds. 10ms steps for normal delays up to 86.00 seconds.

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Download Manual:  RTS-200 User Manual Web Rev 1H

RTS-200C, our newest Audio Delay unit. 0.00 to 86.00 seconds!


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The RTS-200C is the ultimate in audio delay products.

The RTS-200C incorporates features everyone has been asking for. The RTS-200C can synchronize radio play-by-play audio with your TV video for live events, whether the audio delay is short or extremely long–up to 86 Seconds! And the RTS-200C can solve your lip-sync problems with extreme precision, using 1ms (1/1000th of a second) steps in Lip Sync mode from .000 to 3.000 seconds. 10ms steps for normal delays up to 86.00 seconds.

High Fidelity Stereo Audio

The RTS-200C provides high fidelity audio, 48khz, full two channel stereo, with delays up to 43 seconds. For longer delays up to 86 seconds there are several modes of operation including 48khz mono or 24khz stereo.

The RTS-200C includes an IR remote control, audio cables and 100-240VAC to 6VDC power supply.

Use for Syncing Sports Radio Audio with Video

If you’re like me, you like to watch the game on TV, mute the sound, and tune in the commentary on the radio. Your home-town radio sportscaster is usually associated with your team, knows all the player’s names, the back-stories, the stats, the gossip, etc. He makes the game interesting and exciting.

There’s only one problem… TV Transmission Delays: The TV signal can go through several satellite hops, and lots of digital processing before it gets to you, so the video is way out of sync with the audio from the radio; sometimes as much as 20 seconds on satellite receivers. When you hear on the radio that a beautiful touch-down pass was just caught, or that the game-winning basket was scored at the buzzer, the ball hasn’t been hiked or taken out of bounds yet on TV!

It’s like someone telling you the end of the movie before you’ve seen it. What fun is that?

Solution Found!

We’ve solved this problem with the RTS-200C RadioTVsync. It’s easy to hook-up. Just connect the input to your radio and the output to your surround-sound system’s AUX audio input, stereo system or amplified PC speakers, adjust the delay; and now, when you hear that the winning touch-down was scored, you’ll see it at the same time on TV, it won’t still be on the field waiting to be hiked!

Use for Lip-Sync

Many new LCD and Plasma TV’s have audio that is out of sync with the video by about 180 to 200ms. This can be corrected using the RTS-200C. Using Lip Sync Mode delays of 0.000 through 3.000 seconds may be selected in precise 1ms steps.

Easy to Set Up

The RTS-200C connects between your radio and your amplifier, entertainment system, or multi-media speakers.

There are several ways the RTS-200C can be set up, here are a few examples:

Boom-Box or small “Transistor Radio” (as us baby-boomers used to call them!)

Plug the supplied 1/8″ cable into the earphone jack of the radio and the other end into the audio input of the RTS-200. Plug in some multi-media speakers (like the ones you plug into your PC’s sound card) into the audio output.

Stereo Tuner or other Hi-Fi Radio with RCA jacks (the round jacks about 3/8″ in diameter that you see on the back of most Audio/Visual type equipment).

The Right channel is Red and the Left channel is White. Plug in the supplied RCA cable to the “Audio Line-Out”. Plug the other end of the cable into the audio input of the RTS-200. The audio output from the RTS-200 can be plugged into either your multi-media speakers or to your Hi-Fi amplifier’s Audio “Line-Input”, AUX audio input.

The RTS-200C comes complete with audio cables for either RCA or 3.5mm applications. No need to run to the store to find the right cable for your setup!

Attention AV Installers!

The RTS-200C is the perfect solution to digital zone latency, where you have a digital audio signal being output in the main surround sound room and analog feeds to outlying zones. Often the analog feed is about 75ms ahead of the digital. The RTS-200C will delay the zone audio and sync it with the digital audio to eliminate the annoying echo.

Manual Correction-

An error has been discovered in the printed manual (Rev 1E) that was shipped with some units in 2013. On page 6: View/Change Audio Delay Mode – Use the F3 key (not the F1) held down for 3 seconds to view the delay mode and the F1/F2 keys to change the mode. New RTS-200 units are shipping with Firmware Version 1.18 which simplifies and speeds up changing the delay time when setting for longer delays, and provides for Lip Sync using a separate Lip Sync Mode. The Rev 1H User Manual (link above) describes these changes.

Technical Notes

When changing modes from a 43 to 86 seconds please note:  If the RTS-200C is set to a delay value other than 0.00 you will need to wait for the period of time in the delay window for the audio to normalize once the change is made.  For example, when going from  43 seconds to 86 seconds and you have the delay set to 10.00 seconds, then the audio that was buffered at the 43 second sampling rate will “spool” out at half speed for 10 seconds.  If you go from 86 seconds to 43 seconds the audio will sound like Alvin the Chipmunk until the old audio drains from the buffer.  When changing modes, it is less confusing to set the delay to 0.00 before making the change.  Refer to page 6 in the manual for full instructions on mode selection.  Basically, when watching a sporting event, to change from 43 to 86 seconds:  Hold down the F3 key on the remote – after about 3 seconds the current mode will display, most likely the default mode which is “HS43”.  Press the F1 key twice and “Hb86” will display.  Then briefly press the F3 key again to save the new setting.

A personal Note –

Hi, this is Don Moser, owner of MoTron Electronics. If you are a sports person looking to sync up your team’s radio announcer with the game’s TV video you might not have heard of my company. I founded MoTron back in the mid 80’s and we have been designing and making electronic products ever since. Most of what we do is industrial related and the majority of the products we make are private labeled for other companies and do not appear on our web site.

I came up with the idea of the RadioTVsync a few years ago when trying to watch a University of Oregon Ducks football game and suffering the same frustrations I’m sure you do when trying to listen to the local radio station do the play-by-play. I can give you my personal assurance that the RadioTVsync works very well and that you will be quite happy with it. But, if for any reason you are not, you are welcome to return it within 60 days for a refund, less the cost of shipping. It has a one year limited warranty during which time we will repair or replace it if there is any problem. The RTS-200C is made here in the USA. We are listed with the better business bureau and customer service and support are very important to me. Thank you!

Here are a few comments from our customers-

This is from Dale in Oklahoma.  Note that he didn’t even gloat about the Sooners beating my Oregon Ducks in the Alamo Bowl (2021)!

“Thank you for the radio sync product, it’s great. Listened to the Oklahoma play by play radio broadcast in perfect sync with the television broadcast. Easy to set up and looks like it should last for a long time. Thanks!!”


Here is a recent comment (12/8/2021) from Bob Horner who is the Radio Engineer for the NHL Nashville Predators team.  He is using it to sync the sound from the stadium while doing remote play-by-play:

“I should have sent you a note long before now but as usual life got in the way.
I had ordered one of your radio/tv audio sync units on August 14 of 2020. Because the Nashville Predators were eliminated in the first round of the truncated playoffs I did not use the unit. In Jan. of this year we had the 54 game season with 27 on the road. No one traveled. For the radio I would call, on IP, the away venue. They would feed me the PA, ice EFX, and Ref mic audio. I then matched it to the video we were fed. I could not have been any more pleased. It is a fantastic product and I thank you for making our radio call seamless.”


The stereo audio delay unit works great! I gave it to a friend for his birthday last weekend and we watched a Giants game with our local
commentators, not the ESPN staffers, who I am sure are not even at the game
half the time. We got the sync pretty close right away and then zeroed in on
13.0 seconds after seeing a shot of a radio guy on TV. Finally! We have been
watching 49ers and Giants for years using the radio audio. It’s tough going
with the radio so far ahead, so eventually you have to switch back.

But no more! I love it.

When I saw you are a ham I figured all was good and I was right — nice job.

Wally P., Petaluma CA

Received and installed. Was able to listen to the Saints radio broadcast of the San Francisco game synced with the DirecTv telecast last night. Great stereo. Installation was easy.

George E., St. Francisville, Louisiana

Thanks again Don, your unit is something I have always dreamed about, but didn’t know it existed. I hope you do quote me. I want everyone to feel the excitement I felt. Sincerely,

Michael O., Grants Pass, Oregon

Don, I just wanted to let you know after you and I spoke on the phone yesterday and figured out my delay was set at .003 seconds instead of 3.0 seconds, I checked the unit out again and everything works as it’s supposed to. Thanks again for calling and providing the great support. I think your product is terrific. Best regards,

Gerald B., Fort Worth, Texas

Don, This product is great! It absolutely solves the problem.

Pat – Cupertino, California

Boy oh boy, did you make it possible for us to totally saturate ourselves in our SF Giants post season. Your RTS-200 Audio Delay enabled us to watch each game while listening to our world class announcers; Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper. We have told everybody we know about your product and each person’s response was of surprise and envy. We’ll continue to encourage sports fans to buy your product. Thank you so very much.

– Vern and Colleen S. – Santa Rosa, California

Just want you to know how GREAT the RTS200 is.

Watching Brewers Baseball, Packer football and Wisconsin Badger football was like fingernails on a chalkboard when having to listen to the national announcers. Now I can turn them off and turn on the LOCAL radio broadcast and listen to it while watching the TV without having the radio tell me what’s happening 6 seconds before I see it on TV.

The RTS200 works PERFECTLY as advertised. Syncs the radio play-by-play to the HD TV broadcast which is 6 to 7 seconds behind the radio call. Crystal clear audio. Simple to hook up and easy to adjust. I have recommended this to ALL my friends who can’t stand listening to the inane jabbering of network announcers! (Do I really CARE that some washed up ex-jock who now does “color commentary”, sat down with an assistant coaches wife and learned that he prefers fried chicken to hamburgers in training camp?)

Thomas – Mequon, WI

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