Operation Guide Download: AK-434 Operations Guide


Auto-Kall Model AK-434 Two-Tone Sequential,Single Tone and DTMF Decoder

The AK-434 is a tone decoder capable of controlling 4 relays with single tones, two-tone sequential or DTMF signaling. Tones for single and two tone are completely user settable from 260-3500hz. Minimum tone lengths can be 0.1 to 9.9 seconds per tone. This offers complete versatility to allow the use of any tone, tone pair or tone length regardless of whether it is standard or not-standard. DTMF tones can be any of the 16 digit DTMF character set. DTMF sequences of up to 11 digits can be decoded.

Each relay can be programmed to either latch or stay on for 1-255 seconds. There is a wait command which can also be programmed for 1-255 seconds and a repeat command that will cause the on/wait sequence to be repeated from 0-255 times as set by the user. There is also a programmable relay activation wait time so that after an activation code is decoded the relay can be programmed to wait 0-255 seconds before turning on. A transpond feature can cause a tone to be transmitted back after a programmed period of time. Normally Open, Normally Closed and Common contacts are brought out for each relay using plugable connectors for ease of set-up.

For Single or Two-Tone Sequential up to 3 tones or tone pairs can be used for each relay with a 4th used as an off or cancel command. For DTMF there are 4 tone sequences that can be used for each relay with a 5th used for off or cancel.

A 9 pin D connector is used for the radio interface with the same pin-out used on the Maxon SD125E or SD-170 series data radios so that a standard straight through 9 pin male/female cable can be used. However, the generic radio interface can also be used with most any communications radio.

Programming is via USB and is accomplished using a standard terminal program allowing the user to set the tone, tone length, bandwidth and timing parameters.