OEM Products

Design & Manufacturing MoTron works with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to determine what is needed, designs electronics and embedded microcontroller firmware, and where needed, high-level software and packaging solutions. MoTron builds and ships production units according to customer’s need. Projects range from simple circuit boards to complex systems incorporating extensive custom electronics, communications, and/or high-level programming. This page includes a partial list of our OEM projects. Call 1-800-338-9058 or email Customer Service to discuss your project.

OEM Products

Satellite TV Antenna Control Control electronics for RV-mounted satellite dish positioning.

High volume Automotive systems Current sensing door closing system. Current sensing H-Bridge motor controller.

Height Actuated Switch with Level Sensor Safety system detects height of equipment to activate on/off switch and detects when load is level.

Call Center Call Routing Calls distributed to multiple remote locations, and connection made to customer service representative. Employee’s code returned to central computer.

Irrigation Pivot Controller Control signalling and alarm condition monitoring and reporting are part of this industrial irrigation control system.