No-Cost Custom

Custom Versions Over the years we have created custom versions of many of our products to meet various customer requirements. Some of these products are listed on this page. Call 1-800-338-9058 or email Customer Service if you don’t see what you’re looking for — this list is always growing, and even when a pre-engineered solution hasn’t already been created, a Low-Cost Custom solution may be readily available. 

AK-32-AK-16 Broadcast Custom AK-32 encoder version broadcasts to multiple custom version AK-16 decoders: Sends security code and 4 DTMF digits, and checksum; explicitly sets all 16 outputs at all AK-16 decoder stations according to state of AK-32’s 16 inputs. 

AK-16 Versions: 

Outputs 1-8 toggle on or off with single DTMF digit; *=all outputs on; #=all outputs off. 

10 momentary outputs, 6 latching outputs. 

Outputs 1-4 interlocking (always one-of-four on), remaining outputs latch/reset. 

Outputs 1-16 interlocking (radio button selector), active output selected by single DTMF digit. 

Outputs 1-16 interlocking, active output selected by two DTMF digits 00-16 (works with 12 digit DTMF keypad). 

Response Tone: Instead of Morse code response, 1 beep for relay on; 2 beeps for relay off. 

Specific String: Version decodes specific string (i.e. 98*), then waits 7 seconds, pulses output 8 on then off. 

Many others. 

TC-1 Versions: 

Detect specific DTMF sequences, and pulse corresponding relay outputs. 

Timeout after 30 seconds with no DTMF, forcing all outputs off. 

Monitor all four inputs: off:off:off:off = standby; other input combinations decode to one of 15 binary combinations, corresponding output alarm message is spoken on audio output. 

All outputs momentary, tracking input DTMF tone (for pan/tilt control). 

Many others.