Custom Design

No-Cost Custom | Turnkey Systems | OEM Products

Often one or more MoTron products come close to meeting a customer’s application need, but need something changed or added to complete the job.

Over the years we have created custom versions of many of our products to meet these needs. These No-Cost Custom versions are available at no extra charge.

Even when a pre-engineered custom solution is not already available, a Low-Cost Custom version may be created.

In addition to providing standard and customized system components, MoTron provides complete end-to-end control and automation solutions.

These Turnkey Systems may include power supplies, NEMA-4 enclosures, radios, antennas, PC computer systems with high-level software, sensors, etc.

MoTron also designs manufactures modest to large quantities of private-labeled electronic products circuit boards for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers.

Please call: 541-687-2118 or email at Customer Service to discuss your custom requirements.